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Extracurricular Activities

Altar Servers:
Grades 3-8 Students are trained to be Altar Servers at Mass. Organized by Mr. Bishop.

Band: Grades 4-8 
Organized by Mrs Carter. Fees are paid directly to the band teacher. Band meets weekly. 

Battle of the Books: Grades 4-5

Students who meet eligibility requirements will be able to participate on the team in order to prepare for the annual competition. Mrs. Panter is the coach. 

Chorus: Grades 4-8
Organized by Mrs Carter. Meets weekly during school. Performs for school and community functions. 

Mass Choir: Grades 4-8
Students are trained to lead the singing at Mass. Organized by Ms. Kelly 

National Junior Beta Club: Grades 6-8
Fosters the qualities of responsibility, leadership and respect by allowing the students to have a voice in school                          matters and initiate school projects. Mrs. Rodriguez is the faculty advisor. 

Spelling Bee: Grades 4-8: Held every year around December.


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