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St. Ann Weekly Newsletter

March 24th, 2023


Thank You

Thank you very much for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair this week! A portion of the sales from this week will allow us to buy new books for our library.

Thank you also for supporting our monthly Skate Night activity. Just as with the book fair, a portion of the proceeds from Skate Night is returned to the school. Your participation has significantly increased those returns. This activity also presents a fun opportunity for our St. Ann families to get to know each other.

Volunteer Hours

There are some opportunities coming up that will allow you to get in any volunteer hours that are still needed. Please make sure that you are logging your hours on Gradelink. Instructions on how to do that are on the school news page of Gradelink.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities:

- Parish clean-up day - March 25th, 8:30-noon (rain date April 1) - volunteer time does count towards the required 10 hours per family

-Field day - April 21st - will need help with set up, supervising activities and clean up/take down - any interested parents should contact Coach Adams via email at

Living Stations of the Cross

The 8th grade class, with help from students in the 6th and 7th grades, will be performing the living stations of the cross on the afternoon of Friday, March 31st. Parents are invited to attend. If you cannot attend the performance, it will also be livestreamed on Facebook.

Easter Break

School will dismiss at 11:30 on Thursday, April 6th. There will be no school on April 7th in observation of Good Friday. The next week, April 10th through 14th, will be Easter break. School will resume on Monday, April 17th.

Positivity Project

We will include the link to P2 for Families every week in this newsletter, along with a link to the website that you can use to continue the conversation at home.

Password: P2

Next week our Character Strength focus is on Humor. Humor means that you like to laugh and bring smiles to other people.

Award Recipients

Our third quarter awards assembly was held on Thursday. The following is a list of the awards given out:


1st grade

Honor Roll: Mabel Crosby, Henry Long, Evan Moreira Monterrey, Emmanuel Odjede, Selena Oviedo, Clinton Smith III, Carlos Torres Melendez, Leilani Vicks

Principal’s List: Keira Mueller, Paul Pittman, Anabel Smith

2nd grade

Honor Roll: Diara Monroe, Lily Jones, Hannah Omorouyi, Zachary Sifuentes

Principal’s List: Benjamin Gorini, John Mitchell

3rd grade

Honor Roll: Veda Crosby, Henry Ferryman, Dawson Jarvis, Damian Jorda Snyder, Chapga Leke

Principal’s List: Greyson Funderburk, Morgan Anne Haire, Hannah Hector, Kolbe Henry, Norah Long, Valentina Munoz

4th grade

Honor Roll: Joeroyal Evans-Zito

Principal’s List: Cecelia Gorini, Wendy Iheanyichukwu, Michael Nelson

5th grade

Honor Roll: Harrison Long, Madilyn Pittman, Oscar Roverato

6th grade

Honor Roll: Jennifer Clayton, Sylvia Dean, Apollo Gladden, Everett Henry, Claire Joyce, Sophia Khouri, Brennan Mueller, Heaven Pabon, Silas Santos, Nora Simmons-Valenzuela

Principal’s List: Kevin Iheanyichukwu

7th grade

Honor Roll: Elizabeth Lopitz, William Nelson

8th grade

Honor Roll: Chase Dew, Lordia Effon, Francis Jeffcoat, Shyla Jordan, Thomas Nelson

Principal’s List: Gabriela Cantero Gignac, Sammy Moreira Monterrey


Perfect Attendance

Kindergarten: Emma Modesitt, Nora Modesitt, Michelle Odjede, Caleb Omoruyi

1st grade: Mabel Crosby, Emmanuel Odjede, Anabel Smith, Leilani Vicks,

2nd grade: Benjamin Gorini, Zachary Sifuentes

3rd grade: Greyson Funderburk, Chapga Leke, Grace Moreira Monterrey,

4th grade: Cecelia Gorini, Bechem Leke, Chisom Okoye, Hadassah Omoruyi,

5th grade: Kayden Bell, Remy Dew, Ayden McCall-Green

6th grade: Pamela Falcon-Cardona, Apollo Gladden, Claire Joyce, Brennan Mueller, Nadia Ramirez, Sofia Sifuentes

7th grade: Alahianys Falcon-Cardona

8th grade: Gabriela Cantero Gignac, Olivia Dew, Lordia Effon, Sammy Moreira Monterrey, Andrew Ortiz, Delenor Wilson III



Excellence in Music: Calia Caskey, Kaylee Irvin-Burrage, George Mathena

Splendid Singer: River Pompey, Jorge Munoz

First Grade

Excellence in Music: Selena Oviedo, Paul Pittman

Splendid Singer: Anabel Smith, Evan Moreira Monterrey

Second Grade

Excellence in Music: Benjamin Gorini, Lily Jones

Splendid Singer: Malachi Hunter, Hannah Omoruyi

Third Grade

Excellence in Music: Veda Crosby, Greyson Funderburk, Morgan Anne Haire, Hannah Hector, Kolbe Henry, Norah Long, Valentina Munoz Santos, Gavin Standerfer

Fourth Grade

Excellence in Music: Conway Edge, Samia Hammond, Wendy Iheanyichukwu, Michael Nelson, Hazel Pittman, Chisom Okoye

Fifth Grade

Excellence in Music: Caleb Henry, Molly Mitchell, Ayden McCall-Green, Madilyn Pittman,

Sixth Grade

Golden Treble:  Jennifer Clayton, Sylvia Dean, Apollo Gladden, Sophia Khouri, Nora Simmons-Valenzuela

Seventh Grade

Golden Treble:  Samuel Tapia

Eighth Grade

Golden Treble:  Thomas Nelson, Gabriela Cantero Gignac



6th - Jennifer Clayton

7th - Elizabeth Lopitz

8th - Johnny Luna


6th - Pamela Falcon Cardona

7th - Alahianys Falcon Cardona

8th - Sammy Moreira-Monterrey


6th- Kevin Iheanyichukwu

7th-Elizabeth Lopitz

8th- Gabriela Cantero Gignac

English Language Arts

6th -Jennifer Clayton

7th- William Nelson

8th-Gabriela Cantero Gignac


6th- Kevin Iheanyichukwu

7th-William Nelson

8th- Gabriela Cantero Gignac, Sammy Moreira Monterrey

Social Studies

6th-Jennifer Clayton

7th-William Nelson, Samuel Tapia

8th- Gabriela Cantero Gignac, Sammy Moreira Monterrey, Olivia Dew

Physical Education

Kindergarten - Evelyn Dean

1st - Trey Smith

2nd - Malachi Hunter

3rd - Norah Long

4th - Joeroyal Evans-Zito

5th -Brynn Dodge

6th - Heaven Pabon

7th - Ayden Clark

8th - Sammy Moreira-Monterrey

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