Spelling Bee 2017-2018

 https://uploads.weconnect.com/9cf054021e0602b39a66b83eb0bcf41168e4d20b/n1u0rk9xs88bexutdh8mnj4s0yl.png      CONGRATULATIONS TO DEREK!!!!  FIRST PLACE in the District Spelling Bee and SECOND PLACE in the                                                                           Countywide Spelling Bee!   Praying for him to go to WASHINGTON next year!




CHIMDI OKOYE is the 2017-18 Elementary School Spelling Bee Champ!!

DEREK AURIEMMO is the 2017-8 Middle School Spelling Bee Winner!

Congratulations to these two and all who participated in the School Spelling Bee.

St Ann Catholic School's annual spelling bee was held on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. Derek represented our school at the Cumberland County Spelling Bee for private and home schools and in the Cumberland County-wide Spelling Bee. Way to Go Derek!!

2017-18 School Spelling Bee Results

 1st Place Chimdi Okoye (4th grade) Derek Auriemmo (7th grade)
 2nd Place Kylie Patten (5th Grade) Luca Tapia (6th grade)
 3rd Place Alexander Cantero-Gignac (5th  grade) Somi Nnoruka (8th grade)
 Enunciation Award Katelyn Shaw (5th grade) Somi Nnoruka (8th grade)
 Sportsman Award  Alexander Cantero-Gignac Corey Bradley (6th grade)
 Camaraderie Award Kylie Patten Faison Lewis (8th grade)
 Poise Award  Justus Mosely (4h grade) Kennedy Isenbarger (7th grade)
Spirit Award Sara Davis (4th grade) Gabriela Menor (6th grade)


Word Lists

First Grade Second Grade Third Grade
Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade Eighth Grade  
  School Spelling Bee List  

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