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 SVO Update:

Almost half-way


We would like to welcome everyone to St. Ann and say hello!  We are now close to half-way through this year we want you to know that we cannot function without you and your family.  We have MANY activities planned for the rest of this  year and look forward to seeing everyone.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me or any Board member....we are all in this together, In Christ!!!




    We had a great turnout for our Fall fundraiser.  Over all we raised close to $3700.00 for the school.  A big thanks to Marsha Nelson for running this fundraiser. Our top three sellers were: 

1-Marlee Powning 2-Evan Isenbarger 3-Mitchell Mendiola



   We will auditing all Volunteer hours from the Volunteer Book at the end of this month.  We will notify all persons that have not reached their MANDATORY 10 volunteer hours in writing by December 15th.  If you have already completed ALL 10 hours,thank-you!  If you have NOT you will need to complete those hours by May or you WILL be charged $100.00.   



I hope you have heard about our upcoming Penny Wars STARTING  Nov 13-17.  All money collected will be donated to 8th Grade Trip.  

All classes will have a jugs outside their doors.  Gain points by adding bills and pennies to your jug.  Silver coins will deduct from any monies collected.  Winners: Most points, OR Most Silver AND/OR Best Decorated!  





We will have our "Christmas Dance", December 1, 2017 from 7-9pm.  We are looking for a parent to organize this dance.  This is a FREE event.  Anyone interested in helping out please contact a board member:   Angela Wiggins text- (910) 527-5481 email-, Danielle Hart text- (910) 309-1260 email-, Beverly Hall  email- CALL (910) 868-8326, Trish Cannon text (315) 486-8797 email or Kim Tobler  email- text- (253) 229-6105.  



We hope you have made a smooth transition to St. Ann School and look forward to WONDERFUL and FUN year!  God is GREAT!


Danielle Hart


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