St. Ann Catholic School SVO Striker LOGO


Welcome to the St. Ann Catholic School SVO (School Volunteer Organization)!
Success is a team sport!

 We are a service organization that operates on three pillars; community, enrichment, and growth.  Volunteerism is a cornerstone of our success and we cannot do that without the St. Ann Catholic School community.  Through our activities we are able to provide many programs, school improvement projects and so much more.  These programs serve to enrich the children/students of St. Ann Catholic School.  The SVO continues to look toward the future and the continued growth of the school and provide community building activities to bond our growing community.

Executive Board

Principal Ms. Rene Corders
President Mrs. Julie MacLean
Vice President Mrs. Kimberly Tobler
Secretary   Mrs. Jennifer Harrington
Treasurer Mrs. Angela Wiggins
Volunteer Coordinator Mrs. Jessica Carr
Teacher Representative Mrs. Kristen Walton
Advisory Board Liaison Mrs. Jessica Carr