August 18


Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, students will be participating in a solar eclipse learning activity during the time that the eclipse should be visible in our area. Students in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten will not be taken outside for dismissal. These students should be picked up from their classrooms. If students in other grades are going to be checked out of school early on that day, please be sure to check them out by 1:00 pm.

  Back To School Dance 

The School Volunteer Organization (SVO) will be hosting a Back To School Dance for students on August 25th from 7 to 9 pm.  SVO members serve as chaperones at the dance. Students in all grades are welcome to attend. The 8th grade class will be selling concessions.

Morning Drop Off

Students are not to be "dropped off" before 8 am each morning.  Teachers do not begin supervision of students until that time, and we cannot be responsible for students who have been dropped off before then. If there is a need to drop your children off before 8 am, you must walk your children to the social hall and place them in the care of Mrs. Pok-Hui Folsom, our Before Care Director. Parents will be billed for this extra service.
It is important that the drop-off line moves seamlessly in the mornings.  As such, an individual family should not park in the drop-off lane to have extended exchanges with their children, engage in conversation with other parents, watch their children walk to the parking lot, etc.  If you need to attend to such activities in the morning, please park in a parking space to refrain from causing a "back-up" of cars in the drop-off line.
You should also be mindful of the commands of our cross-walk monitor, Mr. Sampson.  He has everyone's safety in mind.  Under no circumstances should you park on the curb in the mornings to drop-off students.  Failure to adhere to the drop-off rules potentially places students in danger.

Volunteer Hours
Each family is expected to volunteer 10 hours of their time to the school each year.  There are myriad ways to volunteer. We have a Scholastic Book Fair fast approaching.  Volunteers are always needed for that.  Volunteers are needed in the office for such tasks as making copies for the teachers.  We have clean-up days in the parish; these are on Saturdays.  Those parents who are fairly handy with fixing things and getting their hands dirty could volunteer for one of those events.  The SVO will need help covering teachers' classes, the cafeteria and the playground during National Catholic Schools Week.  It is imperative that parents log their volunteer hours in  the log book provided for that purpose just outside the office. The SVO Board will review that log book in early January to see how our families are coming along with their volunteer hours.  Any family who has not logged hours will be contacted and gently reminded at that time.