Diocese of Raleigh News


Here you will find updates and announcements from the Diocese of Raleigh. 

What happens now that we have no bishop?                                      

As of December 6,  the Diocese of Raleigh is "sede vacante"  meaning the "chair is empty."  The chair referring to the Bishop's "cathedra" or chair in our cathedral.  It will remain empty until a new bishop is installed.Displaying sede_vacante_1930515.jpg

 Another change you may notice is during Mass.  Since we have no bishop, only the Pope will be named during the Eucharistic Prayer.

 What else happens when a diocese has no bishop?

An apostolic administrator will be selected by the College of Consultors of the diocese.   The College of Consultors will meet to select an administrator of the diocese.   The selected Diocesan Administrator is equivalent with a diocesan bishop meaning they have the same authority with a few reserved functions. For example, they may not:  Incardinate clergy in the diocese (Since incardination takes place at the ordination of a deacon, no diaconal ordinations may take place), Appoint Pastors (May appoint Administrators) , Sell diocesan property, Close parishes or relegate parishes to secular use

 For all intent and purposes, all daily duties and diocesan functions continue without interruption in the Diocese of Raleigh.  We keep in prayer our former bishop and pray that the Holy Father will select and appoint a new bishop for us soon!