Student Activities

Altar Servers:
Grades 3-8 Students are trained to be Altar Servers at Mass. Organized by Mr. Bunting.


Band: Grades 4-8 

Organized by Mrs Carter. Fees are paid directly to the band teacher. Band meets weekly. 

Basketball for Middle School (Grades 6-8)

St Ann Catholic School students have the opportunity to play middle school basketball in the South Eastern Middle School Conference (SEMSAC) for the 2016-17 winter season. Come out and support our student athletes by cheering for them at Basketball Games.

Middle School Basketball Game Schedule

Coach's Letter to Parents and Athletes     Risk Acknowledgement and Medical Authorization Form

Chorus: Grades 4-8
Organized by Mrs Carter. Meets weekly before school. Performs for school and community functions. 

Mass Choir: Grades 4-8
Students are trained to lead the singing at Mass. Organized by Mr.Bunting. 

National Junior Beta Club: Grades 4-8
Fosters the qualities of responsibility, leadership and respect by allowing the students to have a voice in school matters and to initiate school projects. Mr. Bunting and Mrs. Rodriguez are the faculty advisors. Junior Beta Club information

Speed Stacking Club: Grades K-8
Sport Speed Stacking is an exciting individual and team sport where participants of all ages and abilities stack and unstack specially designed cups (Speed Stackers) in specific patterns with amazing precision and dexterity. Stackers race against the clock for individual times and compete head to head in team relay events. Instructors call it “a track meet for your  hands” and are thrilled to see their students’ reactions and eagerness to participate. Kids simply think it’s cool and fun. Benefits include hand eye coordination, bilateral coordination, right brain left brain activation, and fitness. Detailed description of these benefits can be found at this link. This afterschool club meets on Monday after school in the fall. Print and return the application/permission form with the small registration fee to the school office if interest in participating in Speed Stacking Club.

World Stack Up for a Cause - November 17, 2016

SACS students had the opportunity to help set a new Guinness World Record for "Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day" and support a great local charity - the Fisher House. Our event was held  during school on Thursday, November 17th in the social hall in the afternoon 1 to 245 pm.View the Stack Up Day results from around the world here.

Admission to this event will be a donation of items need for the Fisher House on Fort Bragg. Products to donate include copy paper, trash bags (13 gal and 4 gal),  envelopes, postage stamps, dishwasher soap, and HE laundry detergent pods.

Spelling Bee: Grades 4-8: St Ann Catholic School's annual spelling bee was held Thursday December 15, 2016 at 1 pm in the social hall. Students in grades first - eighth competed in classroom spelling bees by December 12, 2016.  More information here   about the school spelling bee.

Crafts Club: Grades 2-8
In Crafts Club, students are able to create various art projects to take home with them. The students will learn how to use various art mediums to make their projects. Meetings are held twice a month (Tuesdays for 2nd-3rd grade/Thursdays for 4th grade & up). Mrs. Panter is the advisor.
Take a look at Crafts Club members at work! Crafts Club Projects